5 smart space-saving ideas for your home

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February 19, 2018
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February 28, 2018

5 smart space-saving ideas for your home

Over the last few years, the average size of homes has reduced in metropolitan cities. While the scarcity of land and rising property values are to be blamed for this growing trend, interestingly, the demand for compact homes has also increased significantly. A larger share of today’s fast-paced generation prefers homes that are easy to clean and maintain.

Irrespective of the type of home one lives in, everyone wants to utilise most of the available space. Given below are some easy smart space-saving ideas that will help you.

Chart a plan: Brainstorm and list all the activities that you would like to indulge in your home – work, eat, sleep, and relax. This step will help in creating separate spaces for these activities. Knowing your desires in terms of interiors is half the work done.

Invest in utility furniture: Utility or dual-purpose furniture is a great way to maximise the available space. Sofa-cum-beds with built-in storage have gained significant popularity in recent years. For the dining room, one can opt for dining tables that can be folded when not in use. If this sounds like too much work, then consider installing a nesting table that can simply be separated into smaller tables. If you want your home to be more vibrant, consider convertible chair bed. Mounting things on the wall that are not used daily, like iron-board, is another idea that can save space.

Use decorative dexterity to trick the eye: When decorating a small space, the focus should be on creating an impression of vastness. This can be done by using floor-to-ceiling curtains, wall mirrors, and glass table tops.

Functionality is the key: Extra spaces will not be of much use if your interiors are not functional. Thus, focus on decorative elements that offer maximum functionality. Try to stick to minimal design and furniture as it will ease the movement inside your home.

Exploit the under-utilised vertical space: This helps saving space in the kitchen and bathroom. Instead of hanging a calendar, use that blank wall in your kitchen for mounting rows or rack and some hooks to hang kitchen accessories. Consider the same for hanging pots and pans. If possible, spend on a magnetic knife rack or magnetic spice box.

While these ideas will give your home an impression of space, there are some rules that one must adhere to. These include:

Do not clutter your home with furniture or huge decorative items

For painting the walls, don’t go for darker shades. Instead, pastel shades will make your interiors look larger.

Similarly, don’t select loud colour window curtains as it will give a smaller feel to the room. In simple words, opt for light coloured furnishings.

@Source: RoofandFloor

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